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· 15 min read
Matej Focko

Linux distributions are a common choice for running the servers. There's a wide variety of distributions, but on the servers majority is made by only a few.

Some corporations also profit from the support of the “big” distributions. Let's dive into the pros, cons and peculiarities of such business.

This post is inspired/triggered by the following Mastodon post: Mastodon post about Ubuntu Pro

· 16 min read
Matej Focko

Rust has become a rather popular language these days. I've managed to get my hands dirty with it during [Advent of Code] ‘22 and partially ‘23. I've also used it for few rounds of [Codeforces] and I have to try very hard to maintain some variety of languages for LeetCode challenges along with the Rust. I'll disclaim up front that I won't be only positive, since this post is a result of multiple discussions about Rust and I stand by “All that glitters is not gold”, so if you can't stand your favorite language being criticized in any way, don't even proceed. 😉