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Featured talks I presented on various events.

Shift Left Testing with Packit and Testing Farm

In today's fast-paced software development landscape, ensuring the quality and reliability of upstream contributions is crucial. The traditional approach of testing at the end of the development cycle is no longer sufficient. To address this challenge, we present "Shift Left Your Testing with Packit and Testing Farm", a talk that introduces two powerful tools designed to simplify and enhance the testing process for the upstream contributions.

Packit and Testing Farm provide a dead simple way to build and test your upstream contributions against both public or internal Red Hat testing infrastructure. In this talk, we will explore the capabilities of both tools and demonstrate how they can be seamlessly integrated into your development workflow.

In addition to the current capabilities, we will share our plans for Packit and Testing.

  • QEcamp23
  • virtual
  • 11/2023

Packit: RPM integration, all in one

Do you want to automate how you build and test your RPM packages? Do you maintain any package in Fedora and want to automate the releases? Or are you just interested in CI/CD on GitHub or GitLab, Fedora and integration of upstream projects with RPM-based Linux distributions? In this session, we are going to deep-dive into features of Packit that can help you do your day-to-day job.
  • Brno, Czechia
  • 6/2023

Also presented on:

  • Mini in Brno, Czechia (3/2023)

Credits to Paweł Kosiec for implementing his own React components for talks.